Innovative within the context of a company project was the installation of two large public display boards located in prominent view around the site, displaying a wealth of useful information. As well as conveying details about the Scheme, including the company’s awards achievements, the boards display important 24-hour contact details together with corporate safety and environmental goals. It also lists its FORS-accredited suppliers and includes site safety and house rules, altogether promoting a strong and positive image of the industry.

Showing great community spirit, and notwithstanding the often short duration of the work, the company has given practical help to a local charity for the homeless and provides on-going support to schools and clubs.

Huge consideration is also extended to the environment, with recycling and carbon emissions targets publicly displayed and an energy-efficient welfare Oasis unit in use, with eco-friendly generator, grey water reuse and FSC sourced timber.

The many outstanding elements of this company’s considerate practice have created yet another exemplary overall performance.